Laser therapy for pets.

Class IV Laser Therapy: A Healing Option for Older Dogs

Old dogs are regal and wise. I read a quote the other day about our beautiful white-faced friends that was heartbreaking in its truth. “You came home and I did my best More »

These tips will help you protect outdoor cats in the wintertime.

Caring for Outdoor Cats with These 10 Winter Weather Tips

As temperatures across the country begin to drop, many people find themselves concerned about how to care for outdoor cats in the wintertime. Cats are resilient, but they can always use a More »

Horses See Things Differently

The majestic horse is an animal of many myths that began simply because they are misunderstood by humans. The reality is that they are highly sensitive and extremely intelligent animals. The false More »

Have a new cat? Here's how to introduce him or her to your cat.

Introducing your cat to a new cat

So you’re bringing a new cat home! It should be really easy to integrate her with your current cat – just open the box and let her go, right? Well, maybe. If both More »

The Importance of Cold Weather Pet Grooming

by Kim Slagle As a groomer, I notice that many people believe it is okay to skip grooming their pets in the winter. The number one reason for this seems to be that they More »

11 Signs Your Cat is Happy

My bed is not quite right…