Treat and prevent canine flu with these recommendations on PetGazette.

Canine flu treatment, prevention   

The Western Carolina summer has arrived, compelling us to pack up our pups and head out looking for adventure. But now, surrounding Asheville like a creeping tide, Canine flu virus (CIV) threatens More »

Summertime Pet Hazards and Helpful Hints

Summertime means cookouts, vacations, pool parties and increased dangers to our pets. The most obvious of summertime pet hazards is the mercury. Baby, it’s hot outside! More »

Hot spots in pets can turn into serious skin issues without proper care.

Combatting “Hot Spots” in Pets

Summer is almost here, and lots of pets develop skin problems.  “Hot spots” in pets are a common superficial infection that can spread like a fire, so they earn the name.  Anything More »

Rabies and The Law – A Veterinarian’s View

by Karel Carnohan, DVM As a cat vet, I am presented with the following situation quiet often:  Owner brings in his/her indoor/outdoor cat, Fluffy, for wounds incurred while playing unsupervised outdoors. Often More »

Watch this dog talk!

Cats and Balloons

These cats love their balloon toys!

Dog Fences: Electric or Physical Fencing?

Dog fences provide an excellent form of pet security.

Dog owners with property have options. They can let their dog run loose, which is illegal. They can chain their dog, which is frowned upon and cruel. They can walk the dog on a leash, never letting it outside alone. Or they can fence their yard. But should their fence be electric or real? There are pluses and minuses to both kinds of dog fences.