Pet Obituaries

from Pet Cremations of Western Carolina

Kathleen Johnson said goodbye to her beautiful 13 year old Sheltie on July 6. Anthony was a lovable companion, and he is greatly missed.

Shadow was a loving black cat who adored his family. Cindy, Gary and Cassandra Kelley loved him for 14 years. Shadow went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 14th, but lives on in their hearts with many fond memories.

Sampson and HeidiSampson was a Boxer who had the spirit of a tiger and heart of a lamb. His life started out with abuse and neglect so severe that his chance of survival was bleak. Heidi Wagner adopted Sampson and became his “forever mom.” She dedicated herself to caring for the health conditions left over from his previous home, and Heidi gave Sampson the one thing he needed the most – love. For the last seven months of his life, Sampson knew what it was like to be loved. Sampson died on July 19. He was eight years old.

Lucky was indeed lucky! Rachel Venezia met the beautiful cat when she lived with another family. Several years ago Rachel brought Lucky into her home as well as her heart. Lucky passed away on July 20th at the age of 19 years old. (include photo)

Sweet Bella was a gorgeous Great Dane loved by Dale and David Sparacino. On August 1st Bella passed away at home in the comfortable care of her human parents. The Sparacino’s love for ‘the gentle giants’ was never tampered by their relatively short lives, and their hearts embrace the precious time their Dane children spend with them. Bella was ten years old.