Campaign launched to meet $400,000 challenge for Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

by Denise Bitz

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR) has launched a “Bricks” campaign to raise the $400,000 needed to earn a matching gift from the Donald C. Jones Foundation. The monies collected will help fund Phase One of the new Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary (BWAS).

Over the past several months, BWAR has worked with local philanthropists to raise just over $240,000 towards the $400,000 challenge goal. To raise the rest, BWAR has launched the “Bricks” campaign, through which donors can have a brick inscribed in honor of their gift. The bricks will then be used to pave the Sanctuary walkways and terraces.

Guardian Donors at the $100 level can get a 2”x2”x8” brick and Founding Donors at the $240 level and above can get a 2”x8”X8” brick. Donations for all levels may be paid in monthly installments up to one year.

The Sanctuary will forever change the equation for special needs animals in Asheville, Buncombe and nearby areas. It will help animals like Toni, a dog who spent her whole life chained, all alone with nobody to love, or to love her back. It will give her a chance to heal and trust before going on to a forever home. Sadly, there are too many animals in the shelter system like Toni. They need to heal from a lifetime of hurt, and that process takes time and patience and space.

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Many animals coming to BWAR need more than just food and shelter. They also need advanced medical care as well, due to a lifetime of neglect. These longer term, more complex cases are the reason the BWAS was founded. It is the critical missing resource needed to help achieve a truly sustainable No Kill community.

BWAR has worked with architects and engineers to get the Sanctuary plans in place. The first  phase of the Sanctuary will include the Dog Village, the Sanctuary Dog Park, and the Sanctuary Clinic. The second phase will include the Cat Village, a Learning Center (for youth programs and humane education) and Guest Cabins for visitors and volunteers. Finally, the third phase will include an upgrade to Brother Wolf’s Welcome Center and Tours, a Memorial and Reflection Garden, and Group Cabins for youth groups, family reunions, and corporate retreats.

People from all walks of life, from all around the world, will come from all over to give themselves to rescue work. And the orphaned animals in our care, as well as the people who help care for them, will have their lives changed forever.

To see all the Sanctuary plans and to learn how to become a Founding Donor of Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, visit Or email

Denise Bitz is the Founder and President of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue