Drag Queen Bingo has Moved to US Cellular Center

It would probably be banned in Boston. But Asheville has welcomed it with such open arms that the Drag Queen Bingo to raise funds for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR) has had to move to the giant US Cellular Center for the Valentine-themed February 5, 2016 festivities.

The event has become so popular that past events sold out. The 2014 Drag Queen Bingo sold out at Asheville’s Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort and both nights of the two-night edition of the 2015 event were filled with bingoists at the Double Tree Biltmore. Thus the move to the US Cellular Center for 2016 and the Fourth Annual bannable mischief and mayhem.

In addition to a new location, the February 5 event will feature five drag queens who are all local. Seems someone finally realized, “This is Asheville! Why would we have to import drag queen talent?”

The drag queens are being sponsored by O.Henry’s/The Underground of Asheville even though the activities will be above ground.

Men wearing women’s clothes, or “drag”, have been around at least since Shakespearean times, or even before. For centuries, women were not generally allowed to perform on stage, so female roles were played by men in women’s clothing. Some say the practice goes back to Roman times, but it is difficult to say. How does one tell a male toga from a female toga?  The etymology of “drag” as a term meaning men in women’s clothing suggests the term comes from the slang of 19th century theater, when men acting as women wore long skirts that dragged on the floor. In the 1980s and 1990’s, New York City was home to a large number of trendy clubs featuring performances by drag queens. The clubs were extremely popular, and it wasn’t uncommon to hear someone say, “The best looking woman I’ve seen lately is a guy.”

DJ Mitch Fortune, owner and top spinmeister at Remix Weddings will provide music, observations and calls of letters and numbers for the 2016 version of Drag Queen Bingo. The music will be designed to get the crowd up and dancing, and Fortune reputedly has a black belt in “Get the crowd up and dancing”. Some reviews of his wedding performances even mentions that he gets the grandparents of the happy couple up and on the dance floor. So if you go to Drag Queen Bingo, and why would you not, be sure to wear dancing shoes.

The US Cellular concession stands will have snacks and drinks available for purchase since the General Admission ticket does not include any food or beverages. But if you purchase a VIP admission, you will be treated to a catered cocktail dinner party, a complimentary drink ticket, VIP seating at the event, and VIP photos with the drag queens. (What better memento to leave your grandchildren?)

The VIP cocktail party will start at 6pm. The doors will open for the General Admission folk at 7:30pm, and the event will end for everyone by 11pm. BWAR has teamed with Shay Brown Events to insure everything will go as smoothly as possible and make the event even more one of a kind than it already has been.

Ticket prices for the 2016 Drag Queen Bingo were not available at PetGazette press time, but will be available by January 8 on the BWAR website, which, mirabile dictu, is bwar.org.  Get your tickets soon, before Drag Queen Bingo is banned even in Asheville.

Caption: Drag Queen beauties pose for photos at past event.