2 Responses to Service dog doubles as therapy dog

  1. Great article. Midnight is a beautiful girl. Love her expression. Yes, indeed, what is a German Shepherd expected to grow into? Certainly not a dog described as ‘large’, right? Glad it worked out for both Midnight and Fred. As they say, one person’s loss is another person’s (and dog’s) gain.

  2. Kathy Linville says:

    Interviewing is not the same a verifying. He is well aware Midnight shows her teeth, seen it myself several times. Most every dog will alert to someone coming to the door whether the person is deaf or not and in and of itself doesn’t make a service dog. The dog must be TRAINED to perform at LEAST FOUR demonstrable tasks that mitigate the disability. Your article only repeatedly says guarding and alerting which neither were trained tasks just natural which most dogs do. And happens to “help” him with his hearing problem. Failed to mention that aggression towards others dogs is a disqualification to be a service dog and Midnight is aggressive towards several dogs at the dog park. I have had such an encountered and avoid this dog.

    Please don’t promote dogs as Service Dogs unless they meet the ADA requirements to be a service dog. This is simply a case of Fred saying the dog is a service dog and you taking his word.

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