Area canine clubs again host May, June events

The Blue Ridge Agility Club (BRAC) will combine with the Hendersonville Kennel Club (HKC) and the Spartanburg Kennel Club (SKC) to again host the Blue Ridge Classic of the Carolinas on Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28, Memorial Day weekend.

Two weeks later, June 9 – 10, the Asheville Kennel Club (AKC) will host two separate all-breed dog shows on Saturday and Sunday. All the events are licensed by the American Kennel Club and will draw competitors from around the United States.

Both weekend’s events will start about 8am and end about 5pm, except for the final day of agility trials on Monday, May 28. Those events will end about 3pm. Spectators are welcome at all events both weekends. Event entry is free, but there is an Ag Center parking fee of $5. Spectators are asked to leave their own dogs at home since dogs that are not competing cause a distraction for competitors.

HKC and SKC will both hold their all-breed conformation competitions at the Davis arena. HKC show entrants will compete on Friday, May 25 and Saturday, May 26. SKC competitors will take the floor on Sunday, May 27 and Monday, May 28 in the Davis Event Center. Obedience and Rally competitions will be in the Expo Center May 25-27. Both venues are air-conditioned. Agility trials on May 28 will be run in the spacious, enclosed McGough Arena, which provides plenty of good Carolina air.

The AKC conformation competitions will be in the Davis Event Center. Visitors will get to see many of the American Kennel Club’s 189 recognized breeds and talk to owners, handlers and breeders. They will also get to stroll past the dozens of vendors offering all things dog – from fancy collars to specialty food to DNA tests to veterinary insurance to portraits in almost every medium known to art.

Contact information for the participating clubs follows. AKC at Show chairman Moshe Reshef at 828 774-9826. BRAC at HKC at, 828 388-2565. SKC at