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Crazy Cool Corals

Crazy Cool Corals

by Shawn Chase                                   

There are two types of people in the saltwater hobby, fish people and coral people.  Yes you can do both, and it would be difficult for most of us to choose what we like best. But, when the coral bug has bitten – and it can bite hard – there seems to be a definitive moment when a select few say, “I think I will do a corals only tank.”  What!?  Why in the world would somebody want to do only corals?  It’s just a bunch of plants and sticks!  It’s sooo boring!

Pets in a Tank

by Chip Bridges

Recently, someone who had just bought a baby turtle – a red eared slider –  for her child asked me how to care for it.  The tank, filter, heater, and lights for an adult red eared slider would cost almost $250 dollars – for a five-dollar turtle.  I could sense the apprehension as I told her I could not even legally take it, since its shell was less than 4 inches (Federal Law).  Before considering one, there are certain things you should know about pets in a tank.