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Pet Obituaries

from Pet Cremations of Western Carolina

Kathleen Johnson said goodbye to her beautiful 13 year old Sheltie on July 6. Anthony was a lovable companion, and he is greatly missed.

Shadow was a loving black cat who adored his family. Cindy, Gary and Cassandra Kelley loved him for 14 years. Shadow went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 14th, but lives on in their hearts with many fond memories.

Remembering Logan

by Julie Smith

We often said Logan would be sainted at the end of his life. You see, we had adopted him out of sheer desperation. Kelsey, Our HIGH ENERGY golden retriever/border collie mix needed a friend!

In Memoriam: Thatcher

Thatcher. Born December 17, 2004. Went to the bridge October 12, 2012.

Thatcher. Born December 17, 2004.
Went to the bridge October 12, 2012.

Thatcher was huge in every sense of the word. When we picked him up as an 11-week-old pup he weighed 48 lbs. He kept on growing and growing and GROWING. As an adult he was 40” to the shoulder, and 200 lean pounds. He was pushy, and sweet, and The Great Communicator. There was never any doubt about what he was telling you. He was a people magnet who just knew how to be with people of any age. He was also patient with our young dog, putting up with far more nonsense than we would.

Most of all, Thatcher was the best lap dog. If you sat on a chair or a sofa at our home, he would always back up and sit on your lap, gently asking for lovin’s. He was a beautiful representative of a Great Dane, huge in size, and, more importantly, huge in heart. We miss him terribly. He has left a huge hole in our hearts and our home.

Sheldon and Andrea Demmons