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A Happy Pet Bird Is a Healthy Pet Bird

by Larry Jandrew

Bird ownership is unlike any other pet ownership. A happy pet bird is a healthy pet bird. Birds are unique creatures with human-like actions. Large birds have mental capacities equal to small children. They can reason, solve simple puzzles, speak (sometimes even in complete sentences), and even do simple arithmetic.

Bird People’s Peeves

by Emily Trimnal

People who aren’t “bird people” just don’t get it. To outsiders, birds are just animals that scream, fling food, poop, and generally create a bad headache and mess. I’m sure we bird owners have all experienced that blank look you get after proudly announcing you just brought home your latest little bundle of feathered joy.  That kind of “What on earth did you do?” look, followed by the question, “Why?”

Companion Pet Bird Health & Holiday Awareness

Companion Pet Bird Health

by Ryan Jo Summers

While browsing the web, I learned November is USDA Bird Awareness Health Month. Being a long time avian fancier, I went to investigate. Turns out it’s for poultry. Yet, that topic got me to thinking… How much do we know about companion pet bird health?

How to Care for a Parrot

by Emily Trimnal

Parrots require more care than many people know. So if you are thinking of getting one, or already own a new parrot, be sure you grasp the fundamentals of how to care for a parrot. This article will identify some of the basics for parrot care.