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Roaming Parrot Reports on Rescues

by Emily Trimnal

If you are a bird owner, you may be aware of the plight of pet parrots here in the United States. Birds are the third most common pet in the American household. As a result, avian rescues are springing up all over the country, struggling to keep up with the influx of birds and educate the general public on parrots as pets. With so many new rescues, it can be hard for the general public to not only be aware of the many options, but also find a rescue nearby.

The Parrot Said What?!?

“Can it talk?” This phrase has been uttered more times than I can count. It is a common first question when people initially learn I own birds, or if they meet a bird for the first time. Parrots are revered for their talking ability – they have the capacity to not only mimic speech, but arrange sentences and use them in context. All parrots have the ability to talk, but not all parrots choose to talk. If anyone is interested in getting a parrot capable of speech, the only way to ensure a bird will speak is to adopt one that already does so.