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Cabin Fever: Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Here are some fun things you can do to keep your dog entertained.

Nobody likes being stuck in the house! Many of the “behavior problems” seen in dogs, especially when they’re stuck inside, are occurring simply because don’t have enough to do! They’re bored! If you and/or your dog have Cabin Fever, try some/all of the following ways to keep your dog entertained.

The Holiday Gift

The scene is set. The tree stands in shimmering glory with garland and lights winding like twisting ribbons of color. Music filters softly in the background, merry tunes of carols and jingling bells. Scents of gingerbread and pine drift lazily through the rooms. Boxes of every size and shape line up under the tree, wrapped in colorful papers and bows. Curled in one of those little boxes hides a tiny, furry body—waiting for small and eager hands to open the red-bowed top.