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Small pets are like big pets

Small pets, like guinea pigs are gaining popularity.

by Melissa Nelson, DVM

More and more pet parents are finding that rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals make social, playful, and enjoyable small pets.  What many people don’t know is that these furry friends can develop many of the same issues as our dogs and cats, as well as problems unique to their species.

What’s Up Doc? Rabbits Like Horses?

by Kimberly Whitfield, DVM

Rabbits, one of the cutest, unassuming pets, are also one of the most challenging to care for. When I jokingly call a rabbit a mini horse it’s because rabbits colic and need to have their teeth floated, just like horses.  So a six pound lagomorph is really like a 600 + pound horse.

Rabbits: Good Pets For Some

Rabbits make wonderful pets … for some. They are quiet, can be clean and well behaved, and are in general low- maintenance and healthy, requiring little veterinary care overall. But rabbits are not for everyone, for some very specific reasons.