There are pros and cons to a raw food diet for your pet.

Is a raw food diet right for you and your pet?

With pet food companies being acquired by larger corporations and the continuing problems with pet food recalls, consumers are very concerned about the quality of the food they feed their pets. The More »

Selling Your Home When You Have Pets: A Balancing Act

Nationally, 56% of homeowners share their home with pets. And in the Asheville area it’s a pretty good guess that this number is higher. WNC people love our dogs and when it’s More »

Why I Don’t Declaw

This is a controversial subject in the veterinary world. In the United States, a large proportion of veterinarians declaw cats. That is not true in the rest of the world, where to More »

Adding a new pet to your family 

It’s time. You have a great job, a pet-friendly housing situation, and you’re tired of coming home to an empty house. Or perhaps your current pet seems lonely, bored and might like More »

Companion Pet Bird Health

Companion Pet Bird Health & Holiday Awareness

by Ryan Jo Summers While browsing the web, I learned November is USDA Bird Awareness Health Month. Being a long time avian fancier, I went to investigate. Turns out it’s for poultry. More »

Healing & Heeling the Dog Within

Asheville, NC is a bastion of alternative practices and ideas. To add to this vibrant alternative community, a local veterinarian and a biologist/dog trainer are joining forces to present Healing & Heeling the Dog Within, a series of educational talks on a favorite topic of many – DOGS!

Hyperbaric Chamber Available Soon for Area Pets and Vets 

A useful therapeutic tool used to treat humans for over 20 years will soon be on-line at the REACH emergency and specialty animal hospital. The new veterinary hyperbaric chamber, slated to start helping patients in mid-October, is being installed as part of the addition to the REACH facility.