Learning From and About Horses Should Never End

No matter how much experience they have, it’s pretty important for every equine-assisted professional to take a step back from anything and everything he or she has ever learned about horses, and More »

Pet Supplements

Dietary supplements for dogs and cats are becoming more and more popular with pet parents. In some cases, these pet supplements can make a noticeable difference in a pet’s well-being and health. More »

The Importance of Puppy Training

Are you planning to get a puppy soon? How exciting! Do you already have a new puppy? Congratulations! Puppies are wonderful beings that come in relatively small packages. However, puppies grow up More »

Cats - Tips for dealing with stress and bad behavior

Kitty Stress and Bad Behavior

Bad behavior is a leading cause of pets being surrendered or euthanized. With cats it is usually inappropriate elimination; Fluffy pees on the comforter and poops in the closet. More »

Care for Senior Pets

As our pets age, their nutritional needs can change. So as pet owners, we should continually evaluate those needs and make changes accordingly. We need to look at diet as well as More »

Bearded Dragon, Fred – Not Just a Pretty Face

Bearded Dragon

There may be some pet reptiles that simply hang out and don’t really interact with their humans, but Fred, the Bearded Dragon, is not one of them. Fred has PERSONALITY.