Mixing It Up with Multiple Species

For thirty years I’ve had multiple species in my home, and yes, there have been a few disagreements. I like to refer to my pet-style as ‘The Brady Bunch’: full and diverse. More »

Hyperbaric Chamber Available Soon for Area Pets and Vets 

A useful therapeutic tool used to treat humans for over 20 years will soon be on-line at the REACH emergency and specialty animal hospital. The new veterinary hyperbaric chamber, slated to start More »

Adding a new pet to your family 

It’s time. You have a great job, a pet-friendly housing situation, and you’re tired of coming home to an empty house. Or perhaps your current pet seems lonely, bored and might like More »

Follow New Leash on Life Dogs

New Leash on Life Dogs

One month ago, in May 2017, two very lucky dogs started the New Leash on Life (NLOL) program near Asheville, NC.  The pups have been in training for exactly one month and More »

Following proper dog park etiquette make trips to the dog park much more pleasant.

Dog Park Etiquette – Part II 

Ever wonder if there’s dog park etiquette? There is. Ryan Jo Summers shares about it in Dog Park Etiquette – Part II. More »

FUR cats treated to story time

Although cats seem to be able to entertain themselves easily, they also need fun time that includes interaction with people. Megan Hauser, long-time volunteer for Feline Urgent Rescue of WNC, (FUR) has found a way to entertain the cats, sometimes one on one, and to also quietly enjoy herself among 80+ cats housed at the FUR sanctuary.