New “Family Dog” breed developing in WNC

The new breed has been named Bell Griffin by partners Gene Eu and John Barlow. Eu described the dogs as “hardy mutts,” but admitted that would hardly be a popular name. The More »

Are feral cats adoptable?

Feral Cats – Adopt, Assist or Avoid?

When it comes to feral cats, what side of fence are you on? Take them in or keep them out? Feral cats are those who never had a home or owner. They More »

In-Home Dog Training

Why would you want or need in-home dog training sessions? Does it really matter if training sessions are in the dog’s home instead of in an outside facility? Yes, it definitely does More »

Feline Leukemia and Your Cat

Recently, we have seen some very sad cases of cats diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). FeLV is a common infectious disease in cats. It is most often found where there are More »

Heart Research Confirms Pet Lover’s Intuition

The scientific evidence of the benefits created by our mutual sharing of love with our pets has been studied and proven by the HeartMath Institute. More »

Aloft Downtown finds forever home for 100th CAAR foster dog

When Lolly, a Papillon-Chihuahua mix, went home to Flat Rock with the Hultin family, she became the 100th dog to find its forever home through the foster dog program at Aloft Asheville Downtown.