Here are some fun things you can do to keep your dog entertained.

Cabin Fever: Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Nobody likes being stuck in the house! Many of the “behavior problems” seen in dogs, especially when they’re stuck inside, are occurring simply because don’t have enough to do! They’re bored! If More »

When to Say Goodbye

We got our first Golden Retriever in 1994. I remember looking at Taylor’s sweet, golden face and hoping that it never turned white. I thought that Golden Retrievers with white faces looked More »

Do you have a disaster plan for your pets?

How to Create a Natural Disaster Plan for Pets

From wildfires and earthquakes in California to the recent September flooding from Hurricane Florence here in the Carolinas, natural or man-caused disasters have a way of capturing our attention and destroying our More »

Watching Horses Heal Trauma

I am the Early Education Specialist at Verner Center for Early Learning. Roughly 85% of the children we serve come from poverty. Unfortunately, poverty often brings trauma. Our goal is to make More »

Stress in cats can cause medical problems.

Stress in Cats Causes Medical Problems

Behavioral problems are a leading cause of pets being surrendered or euthanized. In particular, inappropriate urination in cats is one of the most frustrating problems facing cat owners. As a vet, I More »

New dog training option in Horse Shoe

Visit The Refined Pup in Horse Shoe, NC

Dogs are our best friends, until they decide not to come when called, and you are already late for work.  Their rambunctious and playful attitudes are great when you are in the backyard on a nice Sunday, but not so much when you have guests over. Dog training is a lifelong pursuit for some dogs because good behavior must be reinforced.

The Holiday Gift

The scene is set. The tree stands in shimmering glory with garland and lights winding like twisting ribbons of color. Music filters softly in the background, merry tunes of carols and jingling bells. Scents of gingerbread and pine drift lazily through the rooms. Boxes of every size and shape line up under the tree, wrapped in colorful papers and bows. Curled in one of those little boxes hides a tiny, furry body—waiting for small and eager hands to open the red-bowed top.

Pet Obituaries

In memory…

CPPI expanding to 7 counties and counting

Community Partnership for Pets, (CPPI), originally founded to serve the Hendersonville area, is now helping rural North Carolina county-run shelters set up and fund spay/neuter programs.